Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lunch Money

My friend Tim Coles (pictured with one of his sons), the Executive Director of Kawartha Youth for Christ, shared the following story with me the other day. I had dropped by their Peterborough headquarters and Tim took me into his office. We share similar concerns when it comes to children, hockey and the provision of God for the needs of our respective ministries.

Looking above Tim's bookshelf I saw these words painted on a small mural/picture:


This was precisely what I needed to me reminded of. The work is God's and we need to take our hands off and trust Him to carry out the work He began and to provide the funds needed to fulfil our calling.

Tim and I continued to talk and then he prayed with me. It had been a stressful day for me and I had mentioned some of my situation with Tim. Tears came quickly but Tim had the ever-present box of tissues handy. Thanks, brother!

This story of God's provision encouraged this weary pilgrim. Tim writes:

I was meeting with one of my staff today. She has faced a great deal of adversity this year in life and yet still hung on to the vision that God had birthed in her heart - one that we are really beginning to see the great fruit of.

After our meeting and time of encouragement, she went about her work - needing to connect with one of the mothers of some of the kids involved in her program. While on the phone she said “why don’t we go out for lunch to talk more about this . . .” After she got off the phone she muttered (in a ‘frustrated with herself tone’), “Why did I offer to take her for lunch, I don’t have the money for that!”

I happened to over hear her comment and spoke up. “It was a faith decision, God will provide.” She said “well maybe, but it felt like a stupid decision”.

About 10 minutes one of our supporters walked in the door. She was coming in to make a donation and just before she left she said, “I have one more gift to leave, while I was walking in here I felt the Lord telling me that YFC needed another $20 for something and that I was to give it. So, I don’t know what the need is, but here you go.”

Hearing this, I immediately went and got the staff member and connected the two women and watched God show himself through his voice heard by one and his answer given to another.
We witness this kind of thing on a daily basis at YFC and we are blessed because of it - I know I am.

Tim Coles

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