Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fishing in the Archives

This morning I went fishing! Going back two years, I checked out the Pilgrim Scribblings archives to see what I wrote two years ago.

I found a post entitled If I Could Be.

Here it is with some notations (in green) made to that original post. It would be interesting to see what others would write concerning these categories. Go ahead...satisfy my curiosity. Have a wonderful weekend!

Here's that post:

This game of "tag" has been making its rounds among bloggers. I don't understand the game so I'll just add my thoughts concerning five (5) of the many occupations which have been listed:

If I could be a musician... I would play the piano like my favorite Southern Gospel pianists, Gerald Wolfe, Stan Whitmire, Roger Bennett and Lorne Matthews. I'd give the royalties from the CD sales to help young pianists pay for lessons. Roger Bennett recently lost his battle with cancer and won a place in heaven's choir. He loved the Lord and is now in His presence for evermore.

If I could be a missionary... I would take the gospel to the country which sent so many missionaries to other nations in the 19th and 20th centuries, England. This country suffers from spiritual darkness and needs a modern day revival. Recently visited England was saw firsthand the need for spiritual awakening. I visited the grave of David Livingstone, one of the most renowned missionaries to leave England's shores for dark Africa.

If I could be an athlete... I would volunteer to be the chapel rep and make the chaplain feel wanted and welcomed. I'd seek to live a godly life before my teammates and invite them to Bible studies in my hotel room while on the road. I'd support the chaplain financially and give generously to Christian ministries. No change here. I'm no longer the chapel leader for the Toronto Blue Jays but I'd do the same thing as ever if I were the player rep.

If I could be an inn-keeper... I would have a library where Christian books and videos were available for the guests. I'd also have a small chapel where guests could attend a church service on Sunday mornings. No change here!

If I could be a writer... I would give my royalties to provide books for Christians in third-world countries. Same thing!

But I'm an encourager so I will build up believers so they can become musicians, missionaries, athletes, inn-keepers and writers. AMEN!

Be encouraged today, my friends!

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  1. Hey! how'd the Little Fish get his photo in that blog?! ;) You must be proud of him, he played well against the Penguins (whom, by the way, I was secretly hoping would pull off an upset...oh, well, next year!).
    My little sister is waiting for you to write another blog on the Little Fish...and she says she's also waiting for an invite to a Sens game.

    I've been praying for you daily. May the Lord strengthen you!