Saturday, April 21, 2007

Escaping Protestant Guitars

Have you ever read something that really resonates with your inner man (and your gut) and you say to yourself, "I wish I had made that statement first!"?

Here's a quote by Annie Dillard that falls into that category. I haven't been attending mass lately but after experiencing the incredible beauty of an "evensong" service in a cathedral in Oxford, England last month I think I might enjoy the reverent sense of God's presence..without guitars.

Dillard wrote:

"I have overcome a fiercely anti-Catholic upbringing in order to attend Mass simply and solely to escape Protestant guitars."

–Anne Dillard, “An Expedition to the Pole,” in Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters (1983), 30

Thanks to Joshua Sowin at Fire & Knowledge for posting this.

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  1. Hey David..Although we do not have musical instruments in the Gospel Hall, I tell you...We all sure do enjoy good music!
    I think there are very few of us that don't have guitars and pianos in our homes and we get together a lot with them and have good sings!

    Last night we went to hear the Pfeifers in Hamilton Mohawk College
    Oh that trumpet was sooo good!!!
    The Torchmen Quaretet was there and a newer American Quartet called Tribute Quartet.
    Two of the guys used to be with The Wilburns but after the Wilburns retired, the baritone and the piano player formed a new group.

    I must admit, however it was good to go the worship meeting this morning and just worship the Lord in the quietness...

    BUT I DO love that Southern Gospel!!!...From Terry