Sunday, April 22, 2007

Friends We've Never Met

As the blazing sun fades in the western sky after a wonderful Lord's day in which I sensed the Father's gentle nudgings in precious ways, I send along this note of gratitude:

The blogging community is a vast, diverse mass of humanity from every slice of life. The Christian network amongst bloggers is extensive as well. Those of us who are avowed bloggers have come to realize how strong, loving and supportive that community really is.

I've been blogging regularly for almost 2 1/2 years and there is a faithful fellowship of blogging buddies (friends we've never met) who have encouraged this stumbling pilgrim time and time again. You know who you are! All I can say is "thank you in Jesus' name for your love, prayers, encouragement and support!" Your involvement in my life is vital!

During these uncertain times, both personally, nationally and internationally, I'm grateful that we have a Refuge in the times of storm, the eternal, changless God of heaven. Last night while struggling to get back to sleep, two verses kept coming to mind, life-giving portions of God's Word. I've shared both of these passages many times before. The first one is one of my life verses. It's powerful! I quote both of them from the King James Version, the renderings that I memorized as a child.

"The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms." - Deuteronomy 33:27

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." - Psalm 46:1

So, dear friends, thank you for your prayers, your e-mails, your comments and every expression of your loving care! Some of you respond anonymously so I can't thank you personally. Your comments mean so much!

Saija, Terry, Lauren-Mary, Julie, Hebrews 11:1, Debra, Claire, jel, Mrs. Mac, Susan, Rodney, Cindy, Vicki and all the rest of you...may the God of all grace strengthen you today as you love and serve Him in the midst of your storm. He is all-sufficient and He will meet every need!

And, by the way, please pray for Claire (Pilot Mom) and her family. Check out her blog to read the latest update on her husband's health. THANKS!

Visit her at:
Note: Within minutes of writing this post, Claire sent along a comment. Please check it out below and keep praying for her. Thanks!

The lights of home are getting clearer each day! Journey on! He is leading the way! He is the Way!


The Pilgrim


  1. David, thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers. I don't know what I would do if He wasn't my Refuge. I shudder to think...

    His self-suffiency is my life line as I cling to Him with all my might. To know that I am held in His arms is such comfort, to know that He is giving us His VERY BEST, right now, for us is a haven, in and of itself. I know that all things which are touching us have first passed through His hands before they have ever touched us. For that I am grateful. Thank you, dear brother in the Lord, and any other Christian brothers and sisters who might read this. Your prayers availeth much!!

  2. I too want to thank you for the encouragement!

    and for being you!


  3. Me too David..
    I am on my way to Pilot Mom's now.
    Thank you...Love Terry

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for the encouragement. Actually I began writing a letter this morning to encourage you, and then I checked out this blog, only to see how blessed I am. I used to always stay away from blogs, but found yours while surfing Christian ministry sites, and I have been so blessed since the day I first read your blogs. Praise the Lord for His goodness. I'll keep Pilot mom and her family in prayer, too.

  5. Dear Pilgrim...Well here I am back after wandering around all day.
    After I visited our beloved Claire, I thought maybe I should get caught up on a few more friends.
    I was so happy to discover that if I signed into my own blog first, then I wouldn't have to keep putting down my user account and number again, just the letters, and boy, that sure does save a lot of time!!

    I told Bernie all about Pilot Dad and he had been praying for Roger Bennett all this time and now he will be praying for P.D.every night.

    Pilot Mom is such a trooper and great example for us.
    And so are you Pilgrim David.
    You are always at the side lines and Saija too, cheering us all on and I know when I say this that everybody is echoing the same words!!
    We are unseen but certainly the truest of friends , ALL of us!!...from Terry

  6. Dear precious friend, I've yet to meet. If not here on earth...then one day in heaven. I'm sure I'll recognize you...and be able to spot you from afar because you are so tall.

    Thank you dear one...indeed the blogging community does feel like friends, albeit far away.

    Thank you for all your many encouraging post and comments and tender loving care that you extend to one and all. You are my blogging hero.

    I will never forget the love you extended to me and my dear Pastor Chuck Obremski as he finished strong.

    You make the world richer and better...and bring our Savior much praise and glory.

    In the words of Hugh on. In the words of Chuck Obremski...finish strong!

  7. what a blessing it would be to get the blog buds together for a time of sharing & rejoicing ...

    but maybe only in heaven ...

    in the meantime, thank you David for your encouragement and example!


  8. David--thank-you for listing me as one of your blogging friends--I am honored, truly. You are definitely one of mine and I thank you for being such a blessing... Debra