Monday, April 30, 2007


Many thanks to Claire (Pilot Mom) for posting this excellent poem by one of my favorite writers. Check out Claire's blog at:


"When thou passest through the waters"
Deep the waves may be and cold,
but Jehovah is our refuge,
And His promise is our hold;
For the Lord Himself hath said it,
He, the faithful God and true:
"When thou comest to the waters
Thou shalt not go down, but THROUGH."

Seas of sorrow, seas of trial,
Bitterest anguish, fiercest pain,
Rolling surges of temptation
Sweeping over heart and brain -
They shall never overflow us
For we know His Word is true;
All His waves and all His billows
He will lead us safely THROUGH.

Threatening breakers of destruction,
doubt's insidious undertow,
Shall not sink us, shall not drag us
Out to ocean depths of woe;
For His promise shall sustain us,
Praise the Lord, whose Word is true!
We shall not go down, or under,
For He saith, "Thou passed THROUGH."

~Annie Johnson Flint

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  1. Yes David, That is such a good poem that Pilot Mom put in and what a picture you have paired with it!
    Just amazing how the Lord opened up the sea to let his beloved children pass through to the other side!
    Into the land that He had promised them!!
    He is doing the SAME thing for us today!...........From Terry