Monday, April 23, 2007

Pinch-Hitting Blogger

Remember my blogging buddy Brodie? You don't? I wonder why! Actually Brodie has a new post on The Hope of His Calling. I got tired of the same ol' baseball picture so I wrote a "guest post" for him. We don't want to let a good blog die so we do what we have keep it alive.

Pay Brodie a visit and encourage him to write something before the summer comes.

Check out his blog at:

Unlike the bloggers I mentioned in my previous post, Brodie is a friend who I "have" met and we often enjoy lunch together.

Keep writing, my friend!

P. S. and, by the way, Julie is another blogger who I've met often. Elizabeth Natalie attends our church but she posts so seldom that I often forget that she's a blogger...

Come on, Di, write! Your "stuff" is always so good!


  1. Alright David!! I am on my way!
    I am glad he is finished pinch hitting!!! from Terry

    What are ya' talking about? EVERYBODY remembers the Brodie!!
    With ALL the times you have been picking on the poor guy!

  2. Amen, Terry! Of course we remember Brodie!

  3. Dear Pilgrim David..
    I had to go searching for Brodie today.
    Usually I just get to him by clicking on to him from your site.
    I hope that you put him back on David!
    I visit his blog all the time and he is a good guy.
    I hope that I didn't hurt his feelings with all of the teasing I do!
    Do you think I did David?
    I would not want to hurt his feelings for the world!

    David, I use your blog as a stepping stone to check the good sites that you have there.
    Even thoguh I would never have the time to comment on them all!

    Some of Brodie's posts I read over again because they are so good!
    Just as I visit over at George Muller and read it!

    Take care now...From Pilgrim Pal Terry

  4. Thamk you Pilgrim pal David!!
    You're the man!!!!from PP Terry