Sunday, April 08, 2007

He Rose Triumphantly

One of the fondest memories of my years on staff at The Peoples Church in Toronto was the thrill of singing our founder's hymns. Oswald J. Smith had gone on to heaven before I joined the church but his sermons, books and hymns live on. On Easter Sunday we would often, if not always, sing his glorious hymn, "He Rose Triumphantly". Many times I'll sit at my piano and play this song, rejoicing in the truth that He is alive for evermore. Let me share the third stanza and chorus of this majestic hymn of the faith.

"The stone was rolled away,

For Christ was raised that day,

And now He lives above

To manifest His love.


He rose triumphantly,

In pow'r and majesty,

The Saviour rose no more to die;

O let us now proclaim

The glory of His name,

And tell to all He lives today."

(Oswald J. Smith)

Let's tell "our" world that Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

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  1. Dear David...It would be very nice if you played ths song just as you played your own song. "Basking in the Father's Love".
    I would love to hear it..What say? Pligrim?...from Terry