Sunday, April 08, 2007

Comic Relief On Easter Sunday

This is an effective way to get the glorious message of Easter out to a dying world! Thanks to the creator of the BC comic strip for the way he integrates his Christian faith into his art. If we all would blend the sacred into the secular instead of keeing them poles apart, the world might know - more quickly - that Jesus is alive and that He makes life worth living for those who trust in Him.
Happy Easter! He is Risen!


  1. great photo!

    i posted on johnny hart today too ... he passed away, and is now saying that same thing - but to the LORD HIMSELF -

    i think i will copy this, if you don't mind ... i couldn't find one quite like it ... but now i see you have done the search for me!

    thank you, David ... blessings on you!

  2. Yes Saija...Morgan from "Splashes of Color" mentioned on her blog about Mr. Harts passing away. She said that there is a real good article on AIG website. If you put AIG on Goolge, it will send you to the site. "Answers in Genesis" Very moving write up about Mr. Hart.

    You can almost hear the resoundng YES in this picture David and I can see like Saija that he is surely even saying this himself in heaven, he and Charles Schulz both together!!....from Terry