Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What Next?

Prayer Request...

Greetings, dear friends! For several years we've been asking for prayer for various individuals who have been battling cancer and other illnesses. Many of you, although you didn't personally know these friends of mine, got involved by lifting them up before the Lord. All of us have been enriched as we've prayed for friends like James Birrell, Roger Neilson, Gordon Dorey, Chuck Obremski and others. On Sunday, after learning of Chuck Obremski's homecall, I thought, "who's going to be next?". Never did I think that it would be one of our own family.

On Monday Carol and I learned that our daughter Tracy Gregoire (37) has uterine cancer. Tracy already has cerebral palsy and this added burden for her has been frightening to say the least. She will undergo a complete hysterectomy on Monday, October 3rd in Toronto. Following that she will find out if the cancer has spread and whether chemotherapy will be necessary. Tracy's dream has always been to marry and have children but this will not be possible now and she is devastated. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

Please pray for Tracy and please keep Carol in your prayers as well. She has enough on her plate without this latest bombshell but we know that "as for God, His way is perfect". Thank you so much for standing with us.

By the way, the Memorial Service for Chuck Obremski will be this Saturday in Anaheim, CA. Please keep Linda and their family in your prayers. Thank you!




  1. i am so sorry to hear that David ... our thoughts and prayers go out to your whole family ...

    One day, possibly soon - when Jesus returns for His own - these trials that burn and scar us, will only have made us more in His sweet image ...

  2. Dear Father...I lift Tracy up to you and pray that your healing hand would be upon her. Give the surgeons great wisdom and guide their hands. May they find that the cancer has not spread. May the treatment Tracy undergoes be effective and the cancer stopped.

    Please help her emotional and spiritual well being. Keep her strong and focused on you, your sacrifice and her eternal security. When doubt, fear or anxiety creeps her to re-focus on you. Give her your peace that passes all understanding.

    Surround her with persons who will help build up her faith. And Father we pray that you will use this sickness to bring glory to your name and more people to a saving grace and knowledge of your Son Jesus Christ.

    Please help her family Carol and David. Carry their burdens when they are weary...and build up their faith when it may be weak.

    We thank you in the precious name of you Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.

    Please keep us updated David...we'll be praying.