Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nouwen Then...Looking Back

Of course the title of this "post" is a play on words, not a spelling blunder. I'm still looking for lists of 12 people (from the past) who you'd like to grace your table for an evening of re-collecting. Please e-mail me at dwfisher@nexicom.net I'm getting some interesting selections. Here's one from my friend Steve Kennedy:

Interesting challenge. Since Jesus already did the "back from the grave" thing once already, I'm going to leave him off my list. If I did have the chance to sit face to face with him, I rather think I'd be like the disciples on the beach in John 21...speechless in his presence.

Here goes:

1. My dad. There are too many things we hadn't finished talking about.
2. George MacDonald - Scottish Presbyterian minister/writer of the 1800's
3. C. S. Lewis
4. Peter (Simon, son of John, recipient of forgiveness beyond reason)
5. Dietrich Bonhoeffer - German Pastor/theologian/writer executed by the Nazis - "Cost of Discipleship"
6. Grandpa Kennedy - I was too young when he died and I'd love to hear him tell his faith story
7. Andrew Murray - missionary/writer - "With Christ in the School of Prayer"
8. Annie Cressman - single, Mennonite school teacher turned missionary to Liberia, translated the NT into simple English
9. J.B. Philips - translator of Scripture into contemporary English,
10. Henri Nouwen - Catholic priest and writer
11. G. K. Chesterton - Writer/thinker/journalist/wit... "Father Brown Mysteries" "The Everlasting Man"
12. John Newton - Ex-slaver runner turned preacher/hymn writer

The list might change next week, but that's who would grace my table today. I'd love to get the conversation started and then just sit back and soak.

Steve (Kennedy)

Steve Kennedy, Thinker, Preacher, Friend


  1. Steve...I like your list. I think I'll have to borrow a couple from your list and invite to my dinner. C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, J. B. Philips and John Newton. Those are some definite good ones.

    David...I've got to put some thought into this one...but you gentlemen have my mind churning at the possibilities.