Sunday, September 25, 2005


disappointment (definition)... "dropping by for a visit and finding your friends are too busy to see you or that they are not home"...or..."checking out the blogs of your friends and finding that they haven't left you a fresh, new insight, a new discovery, a recounting of God's faithfulness, a prayer request..."

That's what disappointment is really about for a blogger. Going to see your friends and they've got the same tablecloth on the table, the same pictures on the wall, the same contents in the cedar chest, the Bible open to the same verse that was displayed the last time. Disappointing!
My visits to David, Dee, Cindy, Rodney, Saija, Becky, Diana (E. Natalie), Debra, Shawn, Gayla, Rebecca, Melissa, Kelly, Bob and others are always highlighted when there is a special gift on the table for me...a brand new "post" waiting for me to read and enjoy.

So, my blogging buddies, keep the ink flowing and I'll try to do the same. Together we can change the world for Jesus, one post at a time. Blog on!!!

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  1. blog on indeed! for encouragement, for sharing of trials and sorrows, for sharing of joy ... and most of all - sharing Jesus with a hurting world ...