Saturday, September 03, 2005

Maybe I'll Learn

Blogging buddy Debra posted her thoughts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on her blog recently. Hopefully we can all learn a few lessons and do a few things differently.

Debra writes:

I am hoping to learn some things from Hurricane Katrina:

Maybe I'll learn that my stuff is not all that important in the Grand Scheme of things. That I can live happily with a whole lot less.

Maybe I'll learn to trust God for the extra money we'll need to buy gas and groceries.

Maybe I'll learn to make wiser choices with my money.

Maybe I'll make wiser food choices so to get the most from my food dollars. And maybe I'll get healthier that way.

Maybe I'll learn to become more giving and compassionate.

Maybe I'll learn to drive my car less and walk more.

Maybe I'll help the environment a little bit that way. And maybe I'll even get healthier, also.

Maybe I'll learn to share a ride and carpool.

Maybe I'll learn to become more giving and compassionate.

Maybe I'll learn what's really in my heart when people all around me are trying to spread fear.

Maybe I'll learn whether or not I did my spiritual homework during the months and years of relative peace.

Maybe I'll learn to come when Jesus calls me to spend extra time with Him, more than usual, so to strengthen me for the difficult days ahead. Days which I couldn't see, but He could.

Maybe I'll learn to pray at the tiniest urging from Him, even if all appears just dandy in my own little world.

Maybe I'll learn to hold onto a quiet hope even in the midst of dire situations.

Maybe I'll learn that people are watching me, especially when they've heard me say I follow God.

Maybe I'll learn just how incredible a responsibility that really is.

Maybe I'll learn that the world needs more shining lights in the midst of darkness.

Maybe I'll learn that my words can encourage a heart or burden a soul--so I'd better choose my words wisely.

Maybe I'll learn that my whole life can be gone in two seconds--so I'd better stay awake and appreciate it while I'm able.

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