Saturday, December 20, 2008

In the Kitchen...Preparing the Food

Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham's daughter, was asked to address a large convention of distinguished pastors. As the meeting began she could sense a coldness in the room supposedly caused by the fact that she, a woman, would be challenging these august preachers of the Word. She asked God to calm her heart and use her in a powerful way.

As she began to speak she sensed that God was already beginning to answer her prayer. God began to speak through her as the Holy Spirit melted cold hearts. The freedom in the Spirit was so evident that Lotz found it difficult to stick to her alloted time.

Following the service a pastor paid her a compliment which she will never forget. He said humbly, "Mrs. Lotz, it's obvious to me that you have been in the kitchen, preparing the Food. Thank you for serving it to us tonight without messing it up."

When we spend time with God, in preparation, others will sense that "we have been with Jesus". Have you been in the kitchen today, preparing the Food? I trust that you, at least, have been feasting on the riches of His grace and when given the opportunity, you will be able to share the life-giving Food.

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