Sunday, December 28, 2008


It's 6:35 in the morning and I am:
  • too tired to get up and
  • too awake to go back to sleep
and so I:
  • rehearse everything that has gone wrong and
  • worry about everything else that could go wrong
when I should be:
  • praising the Lord for all the good things He has done and
  • being thankful that nothing happens in my life that He doesn't allow
and so I determine to:
  • pray about all the things that concern me and cause me to worry
  • commit everything to the Lord and trust Him
but instead I fall asleep and:
  • wake up an hour and a half later and
  • wonder why I was in such a worried state of mind
so now I'm humming the words (in my mind) to an old song that goes like this:
  • Why worry when you can pray?
  • Trust Jesus, He'll be your stay;
  • Don't be a doubting Thomas
  • Just take Him at His promise
  • Why worry, worry, worry, worry
  • When you can pray?
It's now 8:05 a.m. and the Lord will walk with me today, each step of the way.


  1. Dear Mr. Warren:
    I could not find your e-mail address so I thought I should just send this post.
    My name is Catherine Evans and I am the founder/president of a Christian non-profit charity in the USA which is ministering to African orphans with George Mueller as our role model. You can see the Web site (ministry: Orphanages for Africa (OFA)), OFA provides small business grants and child sponsorship to our Christian partners in four nations. We are funded entirely by faith and prayer.

    We have been attempting to become a Registered Canadian charity for a long time now and are waiting to hear the results of our third application at this time. I am praying for 1-2 new Canadian volunteers who are led to help our board of directors get OFA-Canada started. I am praying for 1-2 Canadians who understand and appreciate the ministry of George Muller and are willing to help us with starting the ministry and will not engage in fund raising. We see miracles every week!

    If you could assist with perhaps getting out the word at your church that would be a huge blessing. Please contact me if you would like additional information. My e-mail address is:

    Thank you.

    Catherine L. Evans
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  2. Dear David...I should of known that you were the person who put this excellent poet over at the Pilgrim Pals.
    Oh it just sounds like us all,eh?
    I just came by to wish you a Happy New Year and also to ask you how Carol is feeling,eh?
    Let us know please David...Love Terry