Saturday, December 20, 2008

God Will Provide...A Turkey

As Carol and I discussed our Christmas dinner plans she mentioned that she hadn't bought a turkey yet.

A few hours later Carol was startled by the sound of a mighty rushing wind. Actually it was a flock of turkeys which landed in the tree next door.

Our granddaughter Victoria captured a few pictures on her camera before the birds took flight. I didn't know that turkeys can fly as well as they do.

Not having a gun I wasn't able to shoot a bird for Christmas dinner. Of course I wouldn't shoot one if I had a gun.

Lucky birds!

P. S. Carol just told me that there were 15 turkeys in the tree several hours after this photo was taken.

Note: Click on the picture for a better view of the turkeys. You'll see some small red berry-like things on the tree. The turkeys thought they were cranberries. They know you can't have turkey without cranberries.


  1. *chuckling* ...
    now would you have really shot a turkey?

    blessings on you guys!

  2. In God's wonderful 'wild' world, the turkey can fly somewhat. Only after man has 'remade' the bird by breeding out this and that and altering its genes have they become too heavy to fly. Much like people. When we confess our sins we are less burdened and can fly into our Father's open arms. But when weighed down by sin, we stumble and fall and can't take flight.