Friday, December 12, 2008


This afternoon I picked up a CD, Preaching to the Converted, by the British humorist and Christian author Adrian Plass (pictured). It was a Demo CD that was on sale for $2.00, perhaps the most hilarious and refreshing 2 dollars I've spent in a long time.

I've read The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass and laughed at myself for the way we Christians talk and act. If we could only see and hear ourselves through the eyes and ears of the unconverted we would realize how weird we sound.

Check out the web site of Adrian Plass here and listen to brief clips from his CD.

Several times as I was driving home I laughed so hard that passersby or Plassersby must have wondered about me.

Oh well...laughter doeth good like a medicine. I needed that prescription today.

P. S. Be sure to check out CABBAGES.


  1. Can I post a comment in colour? I'm GREEN with envy, or is it coveting? [Both are sins.] I'm a big fan of Adrian Plass. Just checked around and can't locate that audio CD in North America, but it's out on Authentic Media in the U.K. I think you got very blessed when you scored that... and for $2.00!!!

    Adrian Plass has a gift of using humour to disarm us at the front door while the truth slips in the back door.

  2. Paul:

    I was thrilled when I found the Adrian Plass CD in with the music demos at Mitchell's in Pickering for $2.00.

    You put it well when you said "he disarms us at the front door while the truth slips in the back door." Sometimes the "world" must wonder what on earth we're talking about with all our "Christianese".

    Well, I'm getting "a word from the Lord" so I better go and "take dominion over" some other matters.

    I'm certainly enjoying "THINKING OUT LOUD". Keep writing. You do a great job, Paul!