Sunday, January 09, 2005

What an Attitude!

My friend, Marg Griffin, sent the following update today! What a heartwarming account from someone in the midst of a battle with cancer! What a positive attitude! Please keep Marg and her husband Bill in your prayers! Thank you!

Marg writes:

"As a result of your loving, faithful prayers, I have been experiencing the most amazing sense of God's amazing grace in every situation. From the lab techs, the x-ray technicians, the nurses, the surgeons to the parish nurse from the church, I have been treated with such compasion, tenderness and skill, that my heart has been overflowing with thanksgiving and peace. The waiting room at the beautiful Crowfoot Radiology clinic had the most magnificient mountain view and Psalm 121 echoed and re-echoed through my mind --- " My help comes from the Lord who will perserve my going out and coming in". The nurse at the women's imaging center where I had my core biopsy was truly one of God's ministering angels as she wrapped me in warm (fresh from the dryer) blankets and put on Pachelbel's Canon (my favorite classical music selection). I feel as if I have a bottomless reservoir of God's strength and power often manifested through my wonderful husband, my kids, my church, my many dear friends from near and far. I am now awaiting my first chemo appointment or my second surgery but I am confident that God's amazing grace will continue to lead the way and be my daily strength. Thank you so much for your caring and loving spirit . God is so good, all the time." - Marg Griffin

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