Thursday, January 20, 2005

My Father's Hands

His Hands

Here's a "scribbling" I penned over a year ago:

Recently I had the joy of spending a morning in Syd Birrell's home. God has given me the wonderful gift of getting an inside glimpse of the changes that occur when a man loses a son to cancer. While we were in the “music room”, I played a song on the piano for Syd that the Lord had given me back in the mid 80’s during a difficult time in my life. Syd wrote out the music and lyrics for me and yesterday the choir at Murray Street Baptist Church, where Syd is organist and choir director, sang it as a Benediction. For years my composition had no title but I’ve named it “My Father’s Hands”. Let me share the lyrics, taken from the 139th Psalm, with you:

“Before me, behind me, Thy hand shall be upon me,
Thy right hand shall lead me and guide me always.
How precious, thy thoughts, Lord, to me Thy new creation,
Now search me and know me and lead me to God.”

May God’s strong hand guide you as you journey towards “home”.

Note: Although this chorus was written many years ago, it continues to bless and encourage me when I sit down at the piano and begin to play. I trust the words have been meaningful to you!

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