Friday, January 28, 2005

Please Take Time for Another Rhyme

Here's another great poem from a friend of mine in Montreal, Patty Sarazen. She is praying for Nathan as he has his surgery today:

Hey Nate
Your dad is great
So you must be too!
If you're alot like him
Then I know you can grin
And bear the pain in your tooth.

I don't know you mom
But I'm sure she's fun
And at least she can be by your side
To hold your hand
It's part of God's plan!
So you don't have to be terrified.

I'll be praying for you
Tomorrow at Noon
As the doctors are checking out your teeth
Breathe from your nose
As you wiggle your toes
God loves you, it's His Hand you'll feel!

Love and prayers,

Thanks so much, Patty!

- (Aloof) David

Note: When Patty first met me, she thought I was very "aloof". Maybe I am but I was able to convince her for awhile that I wasn't. We both served together with Hockey Ministries International.

Keep Brushing!

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