Friday, January 28, 2005

A Poem Just for Nathan

Today our son Nathan (8) is having some oral surgery done in the hospital. He received e-mails from friends all over the world assuring him of their prayers. Here's a poem from a pastor/writer/friend from the Chicago area:

I'm your father's friend, young Nathan,
and I heard you need some prayer,
so I'm writing you a poem
as a way to say I care.

I am also asking Jesus
to make sure that all goes well.
He is called the Great Physician
and as best as I can tell

He's especially fond of children.
He makes sure He finds a way
to be near them when they need them.
So that's just how I will pray.

I will ask the Lord to help you
as the doctor works real fast
to fix what in you needs fixing
in a way that it will last.

I will pray you won't be worried
when the doctor says let's start.
Just relax and think of Jesus
who is living in your heart.

Though I haven't ever met you,
we're related, you and me.
You and I have the same Father.
Pretty neat. Don't you agree?

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
Chicago, Illinois USA

(Now isn't that a tear-jerker!) Thanks, Greg, for taking the time and making the effort. It's much appreciated! - David (and Nathan)

Jesus Loves Me

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