Monday, January 03, 2005

Can He Care?

The truth that our eternal, immutable, sovereign God cares for every detail of my life and the well-being of every one of His created beings boggles my mind. Not one life in the Tsunami disaster escaped His watchful eye. Amazing! Incredible! Some might ask why He would allow such tragedy. I can't answer that. What I know is that, "as for God, His way is perfect." Psalm 18:30

“Among so many, can He care?
Can special love be everywhere -
A myriad homes – a myriad ways,
And God’s eye over every place?
I asked. My soul bethought of this -
In just that very place of His
Where He hath put, and keepeth you,
God hath no other thing to do.”

- Anonymous

Take heart, weary pilgrim! God cares for you!

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