Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Stand Back and Watch God Do His Thing

In 1858, a Boston Sunday School teacher named Edward Kimball began visiting one of his students at the shoe store where he worked as a clerk. Eventually he led him to Christ. That student's name was D. L. Moody. Someone, after Moody’s conversion, challenged him with these words: “Moody, the world has yet to see what God can do with and for and through and in a man who is fully and wholly consecrated to him.”

Moody determined that he, by God’s grace and enabling, would be that man. The words that moved the man who moved the multitudes were uttered by a butcher, whose name is long forgotten. God hasn’t forgotten him though!
Let’s stand back now and watch God do His thing . . .

Years later, Moody, now an evangelist, visited London, and a great spiritual awakening took place. F. B. Meyer, a local pastor, went to hear Moody, and his life was transformed. Later Meyer went to America to preach, and in one of his meetings a student named J. Wilbur Chapman became a Christian. Chapman became active in the YMCA, where he met and discipled a former baseball player called Billy Sunday. Sunday became a great preacher, and in one of his crusades in Charlotte, a group of businessmen came to Christ. A year later they decided that their city needed another crusade, so they invited Mordecai Ham to be their speaker. After 3 weeks Ham left town, discouraged because he'd only had one convert, a 12 year-old boy called Billy Graham! One Sunday school teacher started it all! One brother, Andrew, led another brother called Peter to Christ, and Peter brought multitudes. Other examples of people whose “light” and influence have impacted their world:

Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, passed away recently after living a godly, committed life that made a difference. In 1979, Bright commissioned the "JESUS" film, a feature-length documentary on the life of Christ, which has since been viewed by more than 5.1 billion people in 234 countries and has become the most widely viewed, as well as most widely translated, film in history (more than 800 languages).

Chester W. Fisher, although not known by nearly as many, was known by God and devoted his life to sending the gospel around the world. His influence continues to live on, years after God called him home. How do I know? He’s my father and I continue to hear how his life, commitment and generosity changed lives. One person --- just one --- can make all the difference, just by being “light” in a dark world. Not by “trying” to be a light, just by “being” the light. You can be that one! What kind of difference are you making in your world…your circle of influence…with your workmates…with your friends…with your family? Are you a person of influence, drawing people towards the true LIGHT OF THE WORLD, Jesus Christ? Just stand back and watch God do His thing!

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