Monday, December 06, 2004

Donuts For the Dogs

Recently I visited one of Canada's national landmarks, a Tim Hortons coffee shop, to get myself a coffee and a donut for each of our sons, Matthew and Nathan. After ordering I decided I wanted an "old fashioned plain" donut for myself as well. The attendant at the drive-thru asked me if the plain donut was for a dog. Surprised, I drove ahead and picked up my order. Being curious, I asked if dogs get FREE donuts and was told "yes". I paid the extra 70 or 75 cents for my stale piece of lard and thought that, maybe for a moment, it would be better to live a dog's life.

Gratefully, the Christian life is not a dog's life but one of adventure, a pilgrimage as we journey home. Are you enjoying the trip?

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