Thursday, December 09, 2004

Parents Who Have Suffered Loss

Greg and Kay Anderson understand loss. They've experienced the tragic, drowning death of a precious son. How have they turned tragedy into triumph? Greg came alongside Syd and Pam Birrell when their son James was battling neuroblastoma. Greg has helped to spearhead some of the research and the funding necessary to find a cure for this dreaded killer. Rather than turning their backs on God, Greg and Kay reached out to another couple who lost a beloved child.

James Birrell

In response to my Quiet Reflections on a Blazing, Morning Sky, Greg wrote, "10 years ago today, our youngest son James went to be with Jesus in heaven. I KNOW that ALL IS WELL in heaven and as long as I (and you and everyone else) keep our eyes, hearts and minds fixed on Him and let Him control our lives, all is well." Profound words! Heartfelt words! Let's fix our eyes on Jesus today and ask Him how we can reach out to others with His arms extended.

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