Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Running On Empty

A Great New Book That Has Impacted My LIfe . . .

If you're like me, you live your life at a breakneck pace and find little time for the spiritual disciplines that are essential to health of your "inner man". In February, while in Florida on my first Spring Training trip, I picked up a new book by an author I had not heard of before. His name is Fil Anderson and his book is entitled "Running On Empty".

I completed the book and have begun my second "journey" through its pages. Fil has written things that I've "felt" for years and have never heard anyone else "say" before. I highly recommend that you visit your local Christian bookstore and pick up a copy. Special order it if you have to. It is published by Waterbrook Books. (See the link below).

God bless you today as you "journey" towards home.


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