Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pilgrim Pointers on Journaling

A fellow pilgrim, and good friend, wrote the following note in response to my "Keeping a Journal" post.

Your thoughts on "journaling" today have reminded me of the value of keeping a journal. I have tried to be as faithful almost every day for the past ten or twelve years and wonder what will become of all the words I have put down on paper, after I am no longer here? I started using one of these "blank books" but as I became more comfortable with the keyboard (after my retirement from banking over eleven years ago!) I started putting my thoughts on the computer but print them off every second page. By this means I do not leave them in the computer but have a loose-leaf journal which gives me the opportunity to look back on occasion.

Like you, it seems I can be distracted so easily and miss out. However, there are two things that have helped me along the way:

(1) Each day, I try to reflect on the blessings the Lord has given to me and record those that come to mind.

(2) I have used scripture in different ways to prompt my quiet times and the times I found most effective was when I spent several months reading through scripture one chapter each day. This is a slow way to read scripture, but it gave me the opportunity to listen to the Lord speaking to me and I have been amazed at how often His Word brings encouragement to me.

Happy journaling!

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