Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Most Loved Man I've Never Met

Over 30 years ago I read a book that would change the course of my life. “Felipe Alou . . . My Life in Baseball” was written by Herman Weiskopf. Watson Spoelstra, the founder of Baseball Chapel wrote an endorsement of the book and his quote appeared on the back cover. It was through writing Mr. Spoelstra that I came to be involved with the Baseball Chapel ministry and I have served as chapel leader to the Toronto Blue Jays organization for the past 28 seasons.

Watson Spoelstra became a mentor in sports ministry, Felipe Alou (who had been my hero) became a good friend and Herm Weiskopf has become the most loved man I’ve never met. For many years Herm wrote for Sports Illustrated and has since retired. What has endeared Herm to me is his Christian testimony and his faithful encouragement over the years. We have never met and may not do so before we meet within the halls of heaven but I cherish my friendship with this dear prayer partner. Herm and his wife Jo-Ann have had more than their share of setbacks in recent years but their faith in a loving, sovereign God remains vibrant in spite of their challenges. Herm repeatedly assures me of his prayers. I’m blessed by this man whose book I read many years ago. He truly is the most loved man I’ve never met.

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  1. I met Watson Spoelstra in Florida in 1983 when I was there at Spring Training with David Fisher. I remember Watson as being a very kind-hearted gentleman.

    Bryan F. Johnson