Monday, December 06, 2004

The Source vs. The Pipeline

Being involved in a "faith ministry" where we "trust God" to supply our needs, there's often a temptation to focus on the pipeline God uses to meet our needs rather that on the Source Himself, the King of Glory. I have numerous devotional books in my library and I often read from several of them in a given day. Sometimes I just use one. This morning I took "Through the Year with Watchman Nee" off the shelf to see what thoughts this Chinese writer and preacher had to share. Today's devotional was underlined and well-marked. Obviously God had touched my heart through these poignant words in years past.

Watchman Nee begins by speaking of our "proneness to look at the bucket and forget the fountain". So true! He goes on to say that "God has frequently to change His means of supply to keep our eyes fixed on the source". True again! He finished by reminding us that "we are the representatives of God in this world, and we are here to prove His faithfulness. Our attitude, our words and our actions must all declare that He alone is our Source of supply, or He will be robbed of the glory that is His due. He who sees in secret will take note of our needs, and He will meet them, not in stinted measure, but "according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Challenging thoughts! May we never forget that He, God, is the Source of every good and perfect gift. We must look to Him alone. He is the Source but He chooses various means (things or people) by which to accomplish His purposes and keep His promises. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus today!

Note: Books are some of my dearest treasures. My library is well-stocked and well-used. I've been a "book person" since I was a little kid. I guess that's why I owned and managed a Christian bookstore for 15 years. Yesterday I visited our local Christian bookstore to buy a few cards and pick up a book for someone. Each time I walk up to the door of Emmaus Family Books I thank God that we have a place where Bibles, Christian literature, music, cards and gifts can be purchased. My visits to Emmaus are always positive ones. Whether it's speaking with the staff or visiting with other customers, I always benefit from my time in the store. O that Christians would avail themselves of the "treasures" that can be found in their local Christian bookstore! As the Christmas season approaches, be sure to patronize your favourite Christian bookstore. They have stocked up for the holiday season and have the perfect gift for those on your "list". Don't take their presence in your community for granted. Happy shopping, friends!

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