Thursday, February 08, 2007

Trying Again

Some of you couldn't see the picture of Brodie on my earlier post. I couldn't either on my computer at home.

I'm trying again. Hopefully Brodie will appear this time. He has disappeared far too often recently. Let me know if he doesn't show up.
He's usually pretty good at keeping his appointments, especially when I am buying lunch! Thanks!


  1. Ha!! Don't tell me that thin little guy is Brodie!!
    I think David that you should bring him out for fish and chips more often. Gotta' fatten the lad up so he will have enough strength to hold the fort when you are off to England!!.......from Terry

    PS..By the way WHO was he running from?
    I do hope that you guys paid the restaurant bill!!
    Or did you BOTH make a quick get-away?!!
    NOT a pretty sight!!!

  2. Talk about Brodie David!!
    Where you been hiding out?...from Terry

  3. Hi David... I'm praying you are feeling better today... just wanted you to know! Hoping all is well and may God bless you richly with all that you need... Blessings, Debra :)

  4. Dear David,

    Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and praying for you all this week.