Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Glad To Be Back

Rejoice with me! Brodie is back! The Hope of His Calling is active again! Wow! Our campaign to raise Brodie from the dead has been successful!

Brodie and I had lunch together today. Carol and Matthew joined us so it was actually David, Carol & Matthew plus Brodie. Just like my 15 readers plus Brodie, eh! Check out his latest posts on The Hope of His Calling! Welcome back, my friend! P. S. Here's a picture of Brodie leaving Calvary Church when I went to pick him up. Looks like he's glad to be alive again!
Note: I've removed Brodie's picture from this post because it wasn't appearing on everyone's computer. Check my more recent post entitled Trying Again for the picture. THANKS!

1 comment:

  1. Aw Shucks David...I don't know about the rest of your faithful sixteen readers[I am the 17th].. but the picture of that Brodie is just a small white square with a red x on it..
    Has Brodie disappeared into nothing or what?........from Terry