Tuesday, February 27, 2007

45 Minutes 'Til I Leave For the Airport

Guess what? Now that I'm this close to realizing my dream, I'm fretting about the trip, wondering if things will be as "wonderful" as I've envisioned them for over 50 years. Am I crazy?

My flight leaves Toronto at 11:30 p.m. tonight. This time tomorrow I'll be sleeping in my London hotel after having tea with the Queen.

Thanks for your prayers!

Note: This is where I'll be staying for 2 nights while I'm in Bristol.


  1. Good morning David Fisher...Well it is morning HERE anyway.
    I don't know what time it is in England.
    I had better "google it"...
    Hmm...It is 3PM where you are and we are sitting at 10AM here in Canada.

    I hope that your tea goes good with the queen.
    Maybe you can convince her to give you a good cuppa' of Tim Horton's coffee instead!
    THAT certainly would curl her hair!
    "Oh do say! Sold only in Canada?"

    Tell the royalty that you are just a pilgrim and you are NOT interested in being knighted!!!

    I was thinking about you last night as I was watching the Hamilton news at Katy's and was glad to hear that the weather man gave you good flying weather.

    Take care and the Fisher Connection will certainly be praying for both you and Carol and the rest of your family.
    The Fisher Connection AND Brodie that is!!!

    Have a good first day of your dream of a lifetime!....from Terry

  2. Terry:

    I arrived safely and I'm having a great time so far. Thanks for your love and prayerful support.

    The Pilgrim

  3. David

    I dreamed of going to Vienna for 30 years (ever since I was five). Finally, when I turned 35, my husband gave me the trip for my birthday. I had the same worries - will it be a disappointment? Through 30 years I had imagined what a wonderful place it is and how awesome it would be to go there - but what if I hate the place and the trip is boring?

    But no. We spent there a whole week, walking through the streets (about 50 km during the week). The city was beautiful, our hotel was friendly and we had a wonderful time there! Especially after we found the Italian cafe and got some decent coffee :D Anyway, I was sad to leave. One pair of shoes and a whole lot of money less, but it was worth it. I'd go again if only I got the chance.

    I'm sure you'll have the same. It'll be a great trip for you!

  4. Oh Eija..That sounds like such a dreamy trip!
    You are still young enough to do it again, and what is a pair of shoes more or less and a pocket full of money if you CAN'T be spending it, eh?.. Venice would be nice but my heart just longs for ANOTHER trip to the prairies!!..Love Terry

    Oh Hi David !!

  5. Haha, Terry :D You made me laugh... "Oh hi David... fancy seeing you here?" *grin* Hahahaaa