Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No Go...Much Snow

Well, dear friends, I'm back home after a fruitless trip to Buffalo to catch my flight to Ft. Myers, FL. The bad weather in the northern states canceled many of the flights out of Buffalo and they couldn't even guarantee that I'd get out tomorrow.

So, after battling the snow, I'm home again! Both David Shantz (pictured on the right) and I are disappointed. We were looking forward to getting together and getting caught up on things. Last year he played for the Peterborough Petes so we were together a lot. This season he's playing for the Florida Everblades so I haven't see him since last summer.

Oh well, the Lord must have something really good in store...down the road. He does all things well.

Thanks again, Terry, for rallying the troops to pray. Yesterday I was feeling so sick that Carol had to drive me home. Today I drove to Buffalo and back and felt great! God really does answer prayer!

Be encouraged, dear friends!

P. S. And, by the way, Terry and Debra, I waved as I drove by!


  1. Ha!! You waved did you David? Well Debra and I couln't see you through all of that blowing snow..

    Everybody didn't mind praying for you David but I MUST tell you again that I will NEVER tease you about how few readers you have.
    You have tons of them!
    Most of them have the pilgrimscribblings right at the top of their list!

    The Lord must have known that you need to take plenty of rest before February 27th...

    My sister Betty was kind of relieved that you came home instead of fighting through all those snow storms that Mrs. Mac has been calling for ALL winter!!

    Take care of yourself now David and let Carol spoil you some!...From Terry

  2. so glad you are feeling BETTER!

    hope your valentine's day was restful, despite the snow!

  3. Oh now, David, don't you go believing Miss Terry when she says I prayed for all those snow storms. I only said I love winter ... not 10 feet of snow in 24 hours. She's a might fine sister in Christ ... but I have to "watch my back" (lol) as she's still planning to throw a snowball or ice cube my way should my Nathan leave my side, ha! (lol) sorry you missed your flight ... but praying you're OK for your dream trip :)

  4. Now Mrs. Mac...David knows I am a person of my word.
    I told you that all has been forgiven you amd I will not be throwing any snowballs your way!

    Besides the snow is so dry and powdery that it is impossibe to make a decent snowball anyway!

    No ice cubes either!
    My freezer is so full of TV dinneres that I can't even squeeze an ice tray into it!...Ha....Love Terry

    Hi David and Saija!