Saturday, February 24, 2007

Great Game

On Thursday night the Senators lost 6-5 to the Sabres in a shootout in Buffalo. Tonight we turned the tables on them beating the Sabres by the same 6-5 score in regulation time. Mike Fisher picked up two assists and played his usual strong game.

Nathan had a great time in the private box of the Senators' President Roy Mlakar. Here are a few photos from the box and from the game.

The "excellent adventure " continues. Stay tuned!

Note: # 36 for the Sabres is my friend, ex-Pete, Patrick Kaleta.


  1. Well, I hear the game wasn't as "exciting" as it was Thursday night! Glad to hear you had a good time!

    Sorry to have to tell you David, but being in a "Leafs Nation" household, there was no cheering for Ottawa here last night...oh of these days that is going to change and I'll have my own team to cheer for!

    And "way to go" Patrick Kaleta...always nice to see a former Pete on the big ice, and what a start he's had in his NHL career!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Julie! One of these days Andy will converted...then maybe not!

    Two more days 'til my departure for my homeland.

    Say "hi" to Stubby Sally for me.



  3. Well maybe you should start praying for him...he'll hopefully be going to a Sens game on the 15th of March with my uncle. The Leafs won't be even be there that night (not sure exactly who the Sens are playing) but maybe he'll cheer for the home team that night!

    I asked him if he was going to wear his Leafs ballcap that night, but he said he'd like to come home in one piece! :D

    I'll tell him to cheer for #12 - the "Little" Fish!!

    Have a good trip...when you get to England, look north to Scotland and wave to all my family for me, would you?

  4. Oh that Nathan is such a cute kiddo!!!...Love Terry

    Hi Julie...I am almost done the six cds of Grampa Yade's stories for your little girl..That is the reason for the hold up but I am STILL sending you the card because I want you to put it into your prayer basket with my prayer requests..I will get it mailed this week....Love Terry

    The titles are "Choruses and Stories"
    "From Grampa With Love"
    "Christie's Old Organ"
    "Tug Of War"
    "Treasure In The Deep Woods"
    "Christmas Candy Cane Story"

    I will be sening the Fisher boys the set too when their daddy gets home from his dream trip!!....Love Terry

  5. Aaawww- Nathan sure is a cutie! That must have been such an experience for him- and what a game to be at. Both Thursday and Saturday had me biting my nails! Congrats to Mike for the assists- he must be thrilled with his recent cheering squad.
    I just thought I would swing by and wish you happy and safe travelling as you prepare to leave on your trip. I will be praying for your safety. Make sure to take a lot of pictures- can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

    God bless-