Monday, February 12, 2007

Thanks For Your Prayers

I just came downstairs to my computer to check my e-mails and found several "get-well" notes plus a number of comments on my Pilgrim Scribblings and "the Barnabas Blog" sites. First of all, my heartfelt thanks to my dear blogging buddy and sister in the Lord, Terry from Canadian Blogger. What a special friend! She got on my case about my blogging disappearance over the last few days so I told her that I've been "sick as a dog". If I showed you my passport picture you'd think I was a dog.

Anyhow, it's Monday night and I'm going back to bed in a few minutes to get more sleep. My CPAP machine that Terry mentioned hasn't been helping much so I'm going to try sleeping without it tonight. Early tomorrow morning I will make the decision whether or not to drive to Buffalo to catch my flight to Ft. Myers, FL where I will visit my dear friend David Shantz. David, who plays hockey for the Florida Everblades, has been the subject of many of my posts on Pilgrim Scribblings. I'm trusting that I'll be feeling much better in the morning. Please join me in praying that this will be the case. It's a quick 3-day trip. I'll be back, Lord willing, on Thursday evening.

The flu and colds have been running through our household and I had hoped that I would be immune after taking so many vitamins. NOT! Matthew and Carol are still battling it!

So, I'll be posting again as soon as possible. If I travel to Florida I'll have my two trusted friends with me, Mr. Sony and Mr. Toshiba, so I can post pictures on my sites.

God is good and He has blessed me already today through your prayerful concern. THANKS!

P. S. I'm certainly praying that I'll be feeling 100% on the 27th when I fly to England. It certainly is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream.

Also - please pray for me this Friday as I travel to our nation's capital, Ottawa, to speak in an Ottawa Senators' chapel. Of course my nephew Mike Fisher and some teammates will be there.


  1. I've been praying for you and will continue. Get well very soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I've been brought down by some weird flu/cold bug that's been going around, and it is most definitely NOT fun!
    Rest assured of my constant prayers in everything- health, travels, work and everything else you've been up to lately. Glad to hear you're making the trip to my hometown. I'm actually headed down to Ottawa this Friday too, to visit my parents and grandparents. It will be nice to go back to my old church. (My favourite part of the trip is passing the Scotiabank Place, because I know I'm almost home! I'll be sure to include a quick prayer for you when I pass it!).
    Make sure to get lots of rest, because it sounds like you have a busy few weeks coming up.


  3. Lord,

    Just as David, in faith overcame Goliath with a single stone, I ask that Your child David Fisher will have the same faith that is in You, our Rock.

    Lord, i believe that Your plans are always to prosper us and we ask that You will bring restoration to this brother's health. In Jesus name, We come against every illness, every attack of the evil one on David and his family.

    Grant him the desires of his heart, Lord. Protect him and his family, and that they may continue to honour You ALL the days of their lives.

    In Jesus' matchless name we ask,


  4. Prayers are continuing for your return to health as your travels abound!!!!

    We've got you covered with a healthy dose of go to the pharmacy and get some Airborne! :)


  5. Dear Everybody...Pigrim David is feeling fine and is on his way to the warm country and leaving us here in the COLD!!...from Terry