Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Wrote, She Wrote

Back in October I wrote a post entitled Dreaming. Terry (Teresa or Canadian Blogger) wrote a comment concerning that post and I've included it below.

I wrote:

A guy can dream can't he? Earlier last week I stood at one of the easternmost parts of Canada and looked across the Atlantic (by faith) to Bristol, England. One of these days I'll hop on a plane, fly to London, rent a car and drive to Bristol. ' Til then I'll continue dreaming of the day I arrive on Ashley Down in Bristol where George Muller's orphanages stood. Praise God for the legacy Mr. Muller left!

She wrote:

Dear David..

You have such a longing in your soul to go to Bristol to see where George Muller's orphanges stood. Maybe it will happen someday and it would make us so happy for you. I wonder how Mr. Muller would feel if he knew how much you have always admired him? Sometimes heroes come and go in a person's life but this love of yours has never gone or ebbed! One thing is for certain though that you WILL meet him one of these days in heaven. Oh boy, David Fisher.. That will be even better than Bristol, England, and it WON'T be just a dream....Christian love from Terry


George Muller's legacy WILL live as long as there are people like you who are telling everybody about it!


So, as I reported earlier, the dream will become a reality. I leave Toronto for London, Lord willing, on Tuesday, the 27th of February. I won't rent a car and drive to Bristol though. I'll take trains or buses on my pilgrimage. First it will be to Olney to see the Cowper & Newton Museum, then over to Oxford to visit my dear friend, Nathan Betts, who's studying there. Then I'm off to Bristol.

Am I excited? Yes! Thanks for your encouragement, Terry! I'll be vicariously enjoying the trip for you!

God is good!

NOTE: If you haven't paid a visit to my George Muller site, please drop by for a look. It's at:

Note: The first picture is taken at Ashley Down in Bristol where the orphanage building still stand. They are now used by the City of Bristol College. The 2nd picture is of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. This is NOT the original structure where Charles Spurgeon preached but it's a smaller replica. Peter Masters preaches there now. I hope to visit this church for two reasons. First of all, because of its historical connection and secondly, because there's a great Christian book store there.

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  1. God DOES truly give us the desires of our heart, doesn't He?

    thrilled for you ... :o)

    how many of you will be going?