Thursday, March 24, 2005

This is "Real" Purpose

My friend and writer, Greg Asimakoupoulos, wrote the following to direct our thoughts to the One who gave His life for us . . . JESUS!

A Purpose Driven Death (and Life)

His was a purpose driven life.
He had no wealth. He had no wife.
He didn't write a must-read book.
He lacked a photogenic look.
Compared with how we judge success,
He didn't score too high.

And though He didn't know much fame,
this man stayed true to why He came.
He hung with those considered lost
and then He hung upon a cross.
Because mankind is evil-prone,
this kind man chose to die.

Still Jesus' aim was not fulfilled
when Friday came and He was killed.
To prove His love can make us new,
He had a bit more work to do.
His purpose driven life would fail
if Death had the last word.

But there was much more to be said
by one who spoke although quite dead.
And He whose words first birthed the world
escaped the grave, its clothes unfurled,
to show that what He'd come to do
was definitely done.

(Greg Asimakoupoulos)

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