Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Henry Blackaby

Recently I had the distinct privilege of sitting under the ministry of Henry Blackaby, the author of “Experiencing God” and many other excellent books. Rev. Blackaby has regular conference calls with Christian CEO’s, many of whom head up some of the Fortune 500 companies. Four and one half million employees are in the employ of these CEO’s and are directly affected by this CEO Forum.

Henry Blackaby

The following are some of Blackaby’s quotes from his message:

“When God does something, it’s God-sized, not man-sized. If you can handle it, it’s not God.”

The teams we’re working with don’t need our best efforts or our best thinking. They need God’s best efforts and His best thinking.”

“Don’t set your course on anything but a clear word from God.”

“We need a kingdom vision, not tunnel vision.”

“Faith has no what if’s?”

“The only time God chooses not to do something is in the presence of unbelief.”

“We can have any kind of President that we’re willing to pray for him to become.”

“God will not bless that which He does not initiate.”

I was deeply challenged by his message. Now what will I do about it?

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