Sunday, March 13, 2005

Book Lovers Unite

“My computer room is a mess!!! I’ve been pulling books out from their spot in the bookcase and leaving them nearby .... to look at again ... a hunger seems to have started right in my belly to LEARN more, to re-visit books I’ve studied, to pull out those different Bible translations ... my memory needs jogging .... my think tank needs filling ... so the room is a mess ... I’ll have to add the clean-up to my "get tuit" list ...I am a lover of books ... I love to be surrounded by them ... they are a comfort to me ... my idea of excitement is to be able to spend a day at Chapters, or in a big city library ... mmmmm ... I get chills just thinking about it!

I wonder if there will be huge libraries in heaven? or do you think that in those mansions Jesus has gone to prepare, there will be wonderful private libraries for us lovers of the Word? ... you know, with stacks of books on the shelves, filled with the finest literature ... maybe a roaring fire with a comfy chair to cuddle up in ... a cat snoozing in my lap and a good book under my nose ... do you think?

awww ... books ...”

Actually the above “post” was written by someone else but when I read it . . . it was me all over again. Saija has expressed my feelings exactly. My office has stacks of books all over it. I take books off the shelf, peruse them and then pile them up rather than putting them back where they belong. My library must number over 3,000 volumes. I’ve always got 8-10 books piled up on the desk beside our bed and my wife Carol is always encouraging me to take them back down to my office. I have several books “on the go” at a any given time. Guess I’m an incurable bibliophile. I’ve been a book lover since I was a little boy. Want to make my day? Give me a book! And, while I’m on the subject, why not visit your local Christian bookstore this week. Let the owner/manager know how much you appreciate having a place where you can browse and/or buy (written by a guy who owned a Christian bookstore for 15 years). What are you reading these days? I’d love to know.

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  1. i came over for a visit this afternoon and was surprised to see my own words greeting me ... :) ... my computer room is a bit tidier, the books have just been switched around, with new books taking the place of the ones i put away!

    and i've found that the secret to a happy marriage is a separate spot in the house for each of us to spread our stuff in!!!!

    many of us bloggers are bibliophiles ... have you noticed that too? it is great to share thoughts from an author that inspires ... things that we learn ... and the BEST is to share our faith in our RISEN LORD!

    Blessings on your Sunday!

  2. Some of my favourite quotes about books:

    "The love of learning,
    the sequestered nooks,
    and all the sweet
    serenity of books."

    "A book is a present you can open again and again".

    and my favourite . . .

    "Books fall open ~ you fall in."

    You asked what we are reading ~ I recently won an eBay auction for a 1914 copy of 'Bible Readings for the Home Circle' - an amazing old book in excellent condition, 795 pages of questions with scripture reference answers for hundreds of topics, illuminated with nearly 300 incredible old black and white plates (illustrations). Really neat old book to "fall into".

  3. Hello. I pray that your family and you are well. I know what you mean about not having enough room. I have a coffee table underneath a cardboard table where I keep the books I take out of the 3 or 4 bookcases that I have! I read several books at a time, so I can't really say that I read "a" book. There is the Bible, naturally, and Rogue State by William C. Triplett II, Second Amendment Primer from American Heritage Library, A Woman of Value by Dee Brestin, The St. Martin's Writing Guide to Writing, A Bill of Rights Primer, America Strong-Georg W. Bush's Plan by Congressman Jim Ryun, and on and on. It depends on the occasion and the time permitting. I love the book on John Witherspoon. I also have Ain't No Rag by Charlie Daniels. Oh well, it is time to get back to writing and reading, alas. God bless you.