Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mercy Said "No"

More reassuring words from my writer friend, Mitzi Smith. What a caring, compassionate God we serve!

The Great "I Am"

Mercy said, “No! I love you too much to allow you to stay in your present condition. Come, follow Me. There is nothing that you have done that I cannot cleanse. There is nothing that you carry that I cannot handle. My hand is not shortened in any situation. I hold life and death in My palm. I will hold you close and comfort you. I will shield you from the present storm through which you are walking. See, there, through the clearing up ahead. There is a bright future of hope. Surely you will see My goodness in the land of the living. Step out in faith. I will catch you. Trust Me, my child, trust. Remember not to run ahead of Me. I Am here to walk beside you and direct you. I Am always a breath away. Listen closely to the beating of My heart. It beats for you, My precious one. I Am always here to shield and protect you. Know that I Am God. My love for you is everlasting. Nothing can take you from My hand. Walk in full assurance that what I have promised you, I will also fulfill. Draw near to me and be still. I will rock you gently in My love. Allow the healing balm to cover you fully. Receive all that I have for you. Rest, sweet one, rest. You are Mine forever.”

- Mitzi Smith

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