Friday, March 11, 2005

Riding With the Giants

The other day I was riding home with several books on the front seat. One of them was a book I had bought some time ago by Warren Wiersbe entitled "The Bumps Are What You Climb On". I took advantage of each red light to glance at a few lines. Fortunately I didn't have any angry drivers honking at me when the lights turned green and I was still "reading". As I got nearer home I thought of another book by Wiersbe entitled "Walking With the Giants".

This excellent book recounts the lives of some of the Heroes of the Faith. Pulling into the driveway I realized that I love to "Ride With the Giants". It was good to have Warren Wiersbe riding with me. Books are not just paper and ink bound nicely. They are personalities. That's why I enjoy reading so much. I can get to know that authors. Today A. W. Tozer rode with me. His classic, "The Pursuit of God" was my reading choice as our boys played in the Playplace at McDonalds. Which "giants" are you reading today? Do you take a book with you to read while you're waiting in line? Why not Ride With the Giants?

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  1. Hi, David!
    I linked to you from Saija's blog. Another Canadian, huh? :-) I have extended family on my mom's side that live in Canada - he's a pastor just over the border from Maine.

    I see that your favorite author is also Elisabeth Elliot. I really enjoy reading her down-to-earth writing, and the 'real' perspective that she has on life - unlike so many other Christian authors today.

    Adoption is so neat...I admire those who go through with helping kids out in such a way to provide a good Christian home for them with a loving Dad and Mom. It must be quite an experience to have younger kids who are your grandkid's ages. Bet it keeps you running! :-)

    Have a great weekend!