Friday, March 25, 2005

Learning the "Before's"

A fellow blogger, Debra, whose site I enjoy visiting, shared the following recently:

Learning the wisdom of Before:

Before God can use me in big ways, I must first obey Him in little ways.
Before I will receive comments at my blog, I must comment at other blogs.
Before I can write my creative best, I must let go of trying to write like everyone else.
Before God can trust me with a lot of money, He must be able to trust me with a small amount.
Before God blesses me with new possessions, I must first care for the stuff He already gave me.
Before I can take the next step, I must take the first step.
Before I can become healthy, I must first let go of junk food and laziness.
Before I can have friends, I must show myself friendly.
Before I can learn new things, I must unlearn some old things.

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