Sunday, March 27, 2005


My new blogging friend wrote something about me on his site recently and I thought I'd pass it along. Check out David Barnett's site (see link on the left). Recently I felt led to encourage a neighbor and he wrote back to say that my timing was just right. When God prompts us to send "an encouraging word" let's just do it and not question Him. Don't procrastinate either! Encouragement is such a needed (and scarce) commodity these days. Whether it's through an e-mail, a card, a letter, a note, a phone call or just a pat on the back, let's bless someone TODAY with a good dose of encouragement!

Here's what David Barnett wrote:

This morning a new blogging friend, David Fisher, responded to one of my posts. Check his blog out at: It was very encouraging. In his profile he wrote that one of his ministries was to write letters of encouragement. It hit me that he just wrote me a wonderful e-mail of encouragement. For some reason, the name E-courage came to mind. In the world of cyberspace, this term is probably already being used. My friend Edward Fudge, sends out an inspirational and informative email called gracEmail. Very clever, but it also describes his life and ministry. So today, I encourage everyone to send a friend an "e-courage."

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  1. good post, David ...

    thank you for the encouragement you've sent my way! it has blessed my heart ... :)

    p.s. the Muller post was excellent too ... his faith has always inspired me and encouraged me ... and reminded me Who provides for all our needs ...!