Thursday, March 24, 2005

Deep Love

Another writer, Mitzi Smith, whose work I enjoy, penned the following thoughts recently:

“My love is deeper than the depths of the ocean.
It reaches across the grandest canyons,
into every crevice,” said the Father.

I know, I know, Daddy God.”

“Be still and know that I AM .
I AM the God that heals you,
the Lord your maker.
I formed you and fashioned you
after My own Image.
I calm the seas or stir them.
It is my choosing.
Rest in Me.
I have loved you
with an Everlasting Love.
Now and forever
I will cradle you in my arms.”

Child sings . . .

Draw me near to Your Throne
Oh, God, my heart longs to know you as . .
Father God , hear my cry, invade my whole being
With all that You are.
Hold me close, in Your arms,
I long to just be near You.
You alone can fill my heart
Father God.
(Author Unknown)

Another song sung to the Father . . .

Lord, I want to know you.
In my heart there is a fire.
In the morning when I wake up,
It’s You that I desire.
Just to hear Your heartbeat
Is what I long for,
Oh, Lord, I want to know You more.
(Author Unknown)

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