Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stones of Remembrance

Lest I forget that God is faithful, I have many reminders throughout my office. For this post I've assembled some of these "stones of remembrance" that serve to assure me that God will provide and that He knows my needs.

In the accompanying photo you can see the portrait of George Muller that graces my desk. The photo on the right of one of the orphanage buildings was taken when I visited Bristol, England earlier this year.

The rock on the left was taken from a crumbling stone wall in front of one of the buildings. The other piece on the left is from the foundation of one of the orphanage buildings. The college that presently occupies these buildings was doing some renovations and I took this piece as a reminder of God's faithfulness and provision.

The book in the center is written by Roger Steer, Muller's biographer. Roger and I met in Exeter in March and enjoyed a wonderful time of Christian fellowship.

So, when I wonder if God will provide for our present needs I just need to look around my office. Of course His word declares His faithfulness and I just need to trust His promises.


  1. just stopping by to say ... you are such an encourager & i appreciate you!

    haven't had much time to leave comments these past days - working & home activities have kept my time stretched ...

    blessings on you and the family!

  2. David...I can't see the photo..
    Knowing you, it must be a good one too!

    Not fair!!...Love Terry

    PS..By the way it is about time that you finally showed us the picture of the rock!!
    And now after all of my complaining, I can't even see it!
    NOT fair! This is not a pretty sight!