Monday, December 17, 2007

Scattered Thoughts

It's late! I'm tired! My mind is racing! I'm at work! Christmas music is playing in the background! But...I'm not ready for Christmas!

My friend will be buried in the Philippines on Tuesday. I'm not sure when the funeral is but they are 12 hours ahead of me so it's almost noon on Tuesday as I type this.

There are so many hurting people out there!

Father, touch those who hurt with Your loving, outstretched hand! Minister love, mercy, grace and peace to them tonight! Enfold them in Your everlasting arms. May the mystery of the incarnation become real to them as they discover what Christmas is all about. Grant this, O God, for Jesus' sake! AMEN!


  1. David, you, your family and the friends of Watson have been in my prayers. May God continue to provide you with the strength, grace, comfort, and support that you need.

  2. amen ...

    Christmas in heaven, though loved ones on earth may morn for the season ...