Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Greetings

We pause on this Christmas morning to send warm, heartfelt greetings to all our fellow pilgrims. We pray that you will pause to reflect on all that Christ means to us and all that He has accomplished on our behalf. God bless you as you celebrate the birthday of our King.

We are trusting God for great things in the coming year. Our prayer is that you would walk with Him more closely and share His love with a world that has lost its bearings.

I've been reading an excellent new book by John Stott entitled The Living Church. He states that "we are trustees of God's revelation" meaning that the Father has entrusted His truth, the Good News, to us and it's our reponsibility, by the Spirit's enabling, to faithfully and biblically declare that revelation to our world.

Have a joy-filled Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

The pilgrim, David

Note: Thanks to Becky from Glad Books for this beautiful picture of sun on snow.


  1. Dear David...What are you trying do?
    Make me cry at Christmas?
    Well that is what the lovely card that you sent to Bernie and me DID!!
    How did you ever find just the right card with my big black cat Sir Galahad come back to life??
    I had him for 16 years!
    And it was a sight for my sore eyes when I saw him moving around in front of the Christmas tree!
    You know what?
    It would be a sight for sore eyes if you sent the very same card to Saija and Leo because that kitty even looks like Fearless Feline and Leo sure does miss having a cat around the house!

    Thanks so much...love Terry

  2. A very merry and blessed Christmas for you and those you love.

  3. Hi David,

    Thanks for the stopping by the blog again. Glad you enjoyed the picture of our beautiful SE Alaska scenery! I hope you and your family enjoyed your day together. God bless.