Monday, December 10, 2007

Share A Comment

Yesterday I received some encouragement while waiting for our church service to begin.

A member of our congregation who I had never engaged in a conversation before told me that she enjoyed reading my blog. I was excited to hear that but I asked why she had never left a comment after reading any of my posts.

We talked about the need for encouragement and I thanked her for letting me know that she reads my blog.

So, dear friends, share a comment...or two when something I've written has been a blessing.

And the friend's name who I challenged to "share a comment'? Sherra! Yes, that's her name...Sherra Fam!

I'll be waiting for your comments and be sure to encourage someone today.

"so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope." Romans 15:4 (NIV)


  1. Dear David...I can always count on encouragement when I come to your blog. What a tender heart you have...and a heart for God. I am so grateful that He has brought you into my path. I know from what you are a man acquainted with pain and sorrow. But greater still is your Lord Christ Jesus upon whom your gaze if firmly fixed. Praise Him!

    Blessings David...Susan

  2. Susan:

    Thanks for your comment. Your words are always so affirming and such a blessing!

    Be blessed today, knowing that you have been an encouragement to me..and many others I'm sure!

    In His love,


  3. Dear Mr. Fisher,

    I stumbled upon your blog a little over two years ago. To be quite honest, it was rather accidental, lol. Being a hockey fan, I was randomly searching the internet for articles about Christian athletes, as in following the Sens, I had stumbled upon an article about your nephew, Mike. I was impressed with how he spoke freely and openly about his faith, and having not really contemplated the ties between athletes and religion before, was inspired to see how many others were setting such examples in the world.

    In any case, at about the time that I was doing my search, you had posted something or other about Mike, and so your blog came up in response to my google-ing “Hockey+Fisher+Faith”. (It seemed like a good place to start my search!) In clicking your link, however, I quickly realized that I had stumbled upon something far greater and entirely different I had originally intended.

    Two years ago, I lost a very dear friend rather suddenly to cancer. She was my old high school French teacher. Though, by “old”, I should clarify that she was a past teacher - she, herself, being roughly 53 years young.
    One of the many things that she quietly taught me, however, was not so much about French, but about life and the value of Faith. Her husband had passed on 8 years prior, and one of the many struggles that she had faced in being left with their 12 year old son came in the form of a deep struggle with her faith. Despite initial qualms and issues, however, she had come to see and appreciate the fact that God is all around us, and that whenever we find ourselves most unable, or perhaps most unwilling to accomplish something, He is always there, waiting for us with arms wide open. This is a theme you yourself have often mentioned, and which thus resonates deeply with me.

    I am not entirely sure why I felt the need to tell you all of that, lol. In my head, I suppose, it all links back to the fact that I think that what you do with your blog is tremendous. I remember the first time that I saw a post that you had written that had mentioned that perhaps everything in your life wasn’t wonderful and fabulous, and that you too go through bouts of sadness and worry. In reading that, it was nice to know that I’M not alone in feeling like that on occasion. You always have a way of finding God deep within yourself, which also gives me added inspiration. Inspiration enough that on a stormy fall day, I happened to stumble upon a tucked away little Bible store that few seem to know about – and 30 minutes later, I stumbled back into the rain, clutching a brand new Bible, amongst other purchases. I don’t know that I would have done that three years ago. Thank you.

    Your blog inspires me to read passages that I have long forgotten or have yet to discover. It inspires me to speak of my faith in our Lord with an ease that I had not felt before. It inspires me to see light when difficult issues threaten to overwhelm me with darkness.

    Mr. Fisher, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your thoughts with us, as you find yourself inspired… and while I may never, ever post a comment again (because, hey! nobody should have to read this much rambling EVER!! lol) please know that I, like many, ARE reading, and listening, and singing, and above all - praying with you… even if you don’t know (of) us.

    It is like my French teacher used to tell us, “When I circle the block ten times looking for a parking space and a man finally pulls out with a wave and a smile, I will always smile back – but I reserve my immediate thanks for God. He is everywhere, watching over us always. ...even on Main Street during rush hour.”

    It is lovely to think that He is here, and that anybody may find Him - even if He is not what they believed themselves to be searching for in the first place.
    All the best!
    God bless.

  4. Dear know that your blog posts are always good and I have told you often but I don't see your comments very often either on any of other pilgrim pal blogs or even a lot on the Pilgrim pal blog itself!
    I agree with you Susan is a blessing..
    Keep well Love Terry

  5. Dearest Pilgrim,

    I don't always have a moment to comment, but you're posts are ALWAYS a blessing to me...

    God bless you richly...

  6. Grace, dear friend:

    Please excuse me while I get a tissue. Your words were such an encouragement to me, this struggling pilgrim.

    Father, thank you for Grace's comment. Thanks for prompting her to write just when I needed to hear those affirming words.

    Minister peace and joy to her heart and may she find everything she needs in You and in Your beloved Son...JESUS!

    Thanks for bringing such wonderful people across our path, friends like Grace, Terry, Susan, LPP, Felisol and so many others.

    We praise You today for meeting every need. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!