Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Our friend Mrs. Mac over at What Ever Happened To penned the following, The Ghosts of Christmas Past, and posted it just before Christmas. Good stuff! Have you ever wondered:

Whatever happened to:

- neighborhood church bells
- a reverence for religious and national holidays
- special occasion dresses
- waiting until December 25 for a present
- a much anticipated long distance phone call ... for just a few minutes due to cost
- 99.9 % of stores and businesses closing for Christmas, Sunday, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.
- saying "Merry Christmas" ... instead of "Happy (generic) Holidays
- Christmas savings programs through your bank so you didn't owe on credit cards for six months past Christmas
- moderation
- being content with whatever present you received ... instead of handing out a wish list
- driving to grandma's house for a family gathering
- meaningful Christmas music
- nothing remotely Christmasie until after Thanksgiving ...
- the real reason for celebrating Christmas ...
- whole intact families

It makes you wonder doesn't it!

Maybe next year...

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