Friday, December 24, 2010

Turkey Trees

Here's a post from Christmas two years ago.  We didn't have any turkeys in our tree this year so Carol bought a Butterball today.  God provided that though.

Here's what happened two years ago:

As Carol and I discussed our Christmas dinner plans she mentioned that she hadn't bought a turkey yet.

A few hours later Carol was startled by the sound of a mighty rushing wind. Actually it was a flock of turkeys which landed in the tree next door.

Our granddaughter Victoria captured a few pictures on her camera before the birds took flight. I didn't know that turkeys can fly as well as they do.

Not having a gun I wasn't able to shoot a bird for Christmas dinner. Of course I wouldn't shoot one if I had a gun.

Lucky birds! P. S. Carol just told me that there were 15 turkeys in the tree several hours after this photo was taken. Note: Click on the picture for a better view of the turkeys. You'll see some small red berry-like things on the tree. The turkeys thought they were cranberries. They know you can't have turkey without cranberries.

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