Friday, December 03, 2010

Blog Bog

'Tis the season to be bogged down when it comes to blogging.  For me at least!  As I typed those two sentences I realized that the 2nd sentence wasn't a "real" sentence.  Oh well!

I've been stuck at post #1975 for a week and I'm suffering from writer's block or bog or blog bog.  So much to write little time.

So...I'll re-post something from the past...a Christmas poem from several years ago.  

Here it is:

There was no song
In David’s town that evening;
Where God incarnate
Graced a rustic stall.
Tired and taxed they came
For Caesar’s census;
So unaware that roy’lty
Would call.

Then angels told
The shepherds of His coming;
They came to see
Emmanuel, God’s Son.
That dark, cold night
Welcomed Christ the Savior;
And glory reigned
Before the night was done.

He came to bring
Salvation and forgiveness;
For which the world
Had waited oh so long.
The Christ of God
The Hope of all the ages;
Brought peace on earth
And birthed a brand new song.

And now by faith
In Christ the King of Glory;
We are assured one day
In heav’n a place.
‘Til then we’ll journey
On our way rejoicing;
And some day soon
We’ll see Him face to face.

The trials endured
As pilgrims heading homeward;
Are temporary and
Will not last too long.
So hand in hand
We’ll cross the final valley;
Eyes fixed on “home”
We sing redemption’s song.

© David W. Fisher – December 13, 2004

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